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The Game Design Certificate is a joint program between the Departments of Curriculum & Instruction, Art, and Computer Sciences designed to empower students with the skills, understanding, and background to create and produce games independently, to develop a body of work, and gain critical perspectives on games and game design. The certificate will focus on game design in the general sense: creating, testing, and understanding how to design gameplay to be fun and impactful, across board games, video games, gamification, and even classrooms.



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Prior to declaring the Game Design certificate, students must complete the following:

  • Curriculum & Instruction (CURRIC) 357 – Game Design I, and
  • One of the following courses:
    • Art 107 or
    • Computer Science (COMP SCI) 200, 300, or 301.


Note: Class options have been expanded. Please see the Guide link for an updated list of Game Design Certificate Requirements.

Course Course Title Credits
CURRIC 277 Videogames & Learning 3
CURRIC 357 Game Design I 3
CURRIC 432 Game Design II 3
ART 107 Introduction to Digital Forms 3

Select 1 Computer Science course from options below

COMP SCI 200 Programming I 3
COMP SCI 301 Introduction to Data Programming 3
COMP SCI 300 Programming II 3

Select 1 Art course from options below

ART 428 Digital Imaging Studio 4
ART 429 3D Digital Studio I 4
ART 529 3D Digital Studio II 4